The Freestyle Mindshifter’s Toolkit from James Tripp


The master sits filled with curiosity and perhaps a little excitement about what they will be creating with that client here today. They are switched on and switched up to what is happening with that client in this moment – what trance/mode of mind they are in right now. They have a sense or an instinct of how to begin nudging this person towards growth and change. They nudge… and notice what they get.

They have in their possesion a set of understandings that enable them to listen to and observe how this client is structuring their trances. They have a set of well honed ‘tools’ (questions, devices, metaphors etc.) which they can bring to bar in real time to nudge and stimulate shifts. Theyt have the acuity to track shifts and make the next move. It is a real-time game of responses… a moment by moment exploration and cocreation. It is an art and a craft.